This Oil Will Help You Breathe Easily In Polluted Environments!

Since ancient times, olive oil was used in treating variety of health problems. Its beneficial properties for health were confirmed by the modern researches in addition of its chemical properties for improving health.

Olive oil is effective in reducing the risk of cancer firstly and secondly according to recent studies it can be consumed for longer life and may help in protecting the lungs from air pollution.

Air pollution is one modern problem that exits mostly in the large cities. Factories and cars have large invest in it and our health is in danger by the raised blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart attack. The American Heart Association suggests that even the low exposure to air pollution may increase the heart problems.

Polluted air can discharge the regular breathing and can raise any kind of artery blockage which can cause various problems of the cardiovascular system.

On the other hand researches from the Agency for Environmental Protection did one test whether some kind of oil can provide protection from the air pollution. In the research there were groups who consumed supplements of various types of oils, including olive oil and fish oil before being exposed to polluted air. Results showed that to protect yourself from air pollution you need to consume olive oil. People in the group who consumed fish oil showed no signs of improvement and the group that consumed olive oil had strained blood vessels and clotting.

There are several reasons why the olive oil has power to protect us from the polluted air. First the oleic acid in the olive oil has anti- inflammatory effects that prevent the blood vessels reaching to the pollution. Olive oil increases the production of protein who prevents blood clot. The effect started 20 hours after testing. Olive oil also helps in improving blood flow and lower blood pressure in in situations where the pollution is not present. It is confirmed that the oil helps in reducing cholesterol and therefore is prevention of accumulation of fat in the arteries who are associated with the long pollution.

Researchers at the EPA studies suggest that there need to be done even more researches on this topic in order to discover the long- term effects of olive oil.


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