This Is Water Diet Which Will Help You Lose Weight

With this water diet you can lose half a kilogram per day and you can practice it over a day because it has a strict plan and is quite rigorous.

You should not practice it very often, only occasionally and for best results it should be done once a week.

Breakfast – Take one large glass of water, natural juice or tea. Juices and fresh fruit can be consumed as much as you want.

At forenoon consume snacks – Big glass of water, natural juice or tea. You can eat different kinds of fruits who contain more water. In autumn or winter select, citrus or grape and in the spring or summer consume melon or watermelon.

Lunch – Large glass of water before eating and tea after eating. Have fresh vegetables served on your table and choose your amount of spices, vinegar, oil or lemon. Olives are also allowed.

Afternoon snack – Large glass of water before eating, natural juice or tea. After you can also select one of these options: glass of milk, cup of yogurt, unsalted 30gr cheese or one fruit by your choice.

Dinner – Large glass of water before eating and tea after eating. The meal should include 100gr. Chicken or 150gr. Fish with one egg, vegetables and fruits by your choice.

Insinuation: The diet should not be practiced all week because it causes imbalance in the body.

Important: Drink 8 glasses of water daily and the diet should be rich in ingredients who contain high proportion of water in their composition.

Be particularly careful and do not practice holding this diet for too long. 


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