This Is The Herb From Which All The Mosquitoes, Run From it! It Is Present Everywhere Around Us!

You probably never seen this herb and you also had no idea that this herb is “enemy” for mosquitoes and other insects.

Have you heard of Pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium)? There are different varieties of this herb such as Armenian or Dalmatian. This herb stands out from all the other herbs because of its effectiveness against the mosquitoes and other few insects and they flee out of it.


The herb contains high concentration of natural insecticide, pyrethrins and it is used for industrial production. The insecticide is effective for around 75% but it is quite unstable on a temperature of 10- 25 degrees and it can break down within 72 hours. If you find fresh herb from it, it is only because the plant acts better than any other anti- insect slide.

This plant grows mainly in coastal areas. It is necessary to be planted each year and to make much effort for its planting because even the bees are not very interested in this herb so it does not spreads.

The mosquitoes do not like, coffee, mint, lemon balm or basil. You can put the ground coffee on fire against them, or rub yourself on naked parts of skin. However, none of these herbs can be compared with pyrethrum which mosquitoes cannot stand.


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