This Is How Men Destroy Their Fertility

One pair is said to be barren if after one year of regular, unprotected sex has not come to pregnancy. It is primary infertility. However, there is secondary infertility.

Sometimes it comes to pregnancy, but pregnancy cannot last until the end. In that case it comes to secondary infertility.

When there are problems with conception there is 50-50 possibility that the problem derives from the man or woman. When it comes to men and they becoming fathers, often low quality sperm knows how to make trouble.

Here are the reasons men themselves negatively affect their sperm quality:

1. consuming huge quantities of alcohol

Those men who consume large amounts of alcohol are less healthy than others. The same applies to sperm quality. We are talking about excessive and continuous consumption of alcohol.

2. Caring cell phones on the front pocket

As a result of the radiation caused by the mobile phone placed so close to the testicles, a recent survey revealed a decline of 9% in sperm quality.

3. Increased body weight

Obese men are more prone to erectile dysfunction. Excessive weight reduces the production of sperm, probably because fat produces estrogen.

4. Smoking

The sooner man stops smoking, the sooner the regeneration of sperm will start. It has been proven that smoking has a negative effect on sperm.

5. Spending lot of time in very warm places

Male testicles cannot function normally if not a few degrees colder than the rest of the body. If you spend too much time sitting in the hot tub or sauna semen can be fried, of course, if this happens often.