This Hormone Is Preventing Your Body Of Losing Weight. Here Is The Solution For That

Many people go on a diet In order to lose weight but after some difficult time they notice that there are no results. The only thing wrong here is the hormone – leptin which prevents your body to lose weight besides the rigorous diet. Leptin is a hormone whose job is to regulate the weight and energy. This hormone is secreted by cells. To complete its job the leptin needs to tell the brain when we eat and to improve the work of fat tissue. In some cases leptin does not perform its job well. People with weight problems, in this case do not respond to leptin.

If there are high levels of leptin for a long time in the body, it develops resistance to this hormone. As a result the brain does not react to leptin when it sends a signal to accelerate the metabolism and to stop eating:

  • High dietary fat,
  • Carbohydrates,
  • Sugar,
  • Fructose corn syrup.

How can we solve this?

Consult your doctor, in order to see if there is actually a problem with this hormone. Then your doctor will prescribe you some medications to restore hormonal balance.