This Cheap And Precious Ingredient Is Heart Remedy And Is Right In Front Of Your Nose!

Beetroot is super ingredient that can fix many things in the organism. This vegetable’s beautiful red color originates from proanthocyanidins that is a fighter against malignant diseases.

It cleanses the entire organism

Thanks to antioxidants and betaine, beetroot has the effect of detoxification. It also has the power of excretion of harmful substances from the organism. Cellulose and pectin activate the intestinal system. Beetroot is good for preventing liver diseases, especially in oily liver. This ingredient is very important for athletes because it improves endurance during training due to the high content of various nutrients that are important for oxidative processes during exercise. It also accelerates recovery after a workout.

It is great for the heart

Beets contain betaine which is a natural anti inflammatory agent. Along with vitamins of B group, it improves the cardiovascular system. Beetroot contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iodine. This bloody red vegetable is rich in iron and is natural medicine for the treatment of anemia.

And again -- it is great for the heart

Beetroot stimulates the exchange of substances in the body, helps regulate blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol levels, maintains the blood vessels in good condition, stimulates the liver and slows the aging process and arteriosclerosis. It is good for demineralization of the bones and teeth. It can be prepared in different ways: baked, boiled, in form of juice etc. However, it is best if eaten fresh.

When you buy fresh beets do not throw away the green part. Cooked beetroot leaves deserve a place on your table. Only half a cup of beet leaves contain 644 mg of potassium. Numerous studies confirm that increased intake of foods rich in potassium and reduced intake of salt can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases and heart attack by 21%.