This Ancient Remedy “Treats All Diseases” HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis


There is an herb which grows in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea and India. This herb called black seed oil; also known as black cumin or Nigella sativa. Its most active ingredient is Thymoquinone. Black seed oil is beneficial for the human body as it has been known to be effective in anti-cancer treatment for animals, with its effects applied in a few types of cancer.

Black seed oil’s benefits are confirmed through plenty of studies done several decades ago, though research is limited. Human clinical testing on the effects of black seed oil is rare, as researchers focused more on animals. Through these studies, there are miniscule negative side effects surrounding the consumption of black seed oil in the human body. Because it has not been thoroughly tested in humans, conventional medicine has not approved black seed oil to be used in treatment. Postponement of clinical research on cancer patients, which are politically motivated and the lack of monetary gains by drug companies is the reason why black seed oil’s use is halted in modern medicine.

It is however known that the active ingredient, thymoquinone is very much effective is dealing with a few major health issues, such as:

  • Inflammatory issues
  • Cancers (Cervical, liver, prostate, bone, colon, stomach, lymphomas, brain, breast pancreatic, melanoma)

Thymoquinone prevents the activity of cancerous cells in the body.

The numerous studies which explain the many benefits of this oil in preventing various cancer types will be highlighted in the article below.


For thousands of years, these Black Seeds have been used to Treat Cancer

Researchers from China and Saudi Arabia have examined various scientific literatures regarding the use of black seed oil, and its effectiveness in treating cancer. They found out that black seed oil is not only effective, but completely safe.

Thymoquinone on the back seed oil, can be used to fight cancers in the blood system, as well as cancers of the prostate, breast, lung, skin, cervix, prostate, liver and kidney. It has been used for centuries, because of its effectiveness in not only cancers, but health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, asthma, kidney disease and diabetes.

Even though it has been known for centuries to be able to treat cancer, it has only become a topic of interest in the research of modern science in the past 2 to 3 decades.

Thymoquinone’s exact molecular mechanism upon cancer cells is not known fully, but the compound is a strong antioxidant which increases the body’s defense system.

Black seed oil assists in the survival of normal cells, which is known as the Akt pathway. It also eliminates old, unhealthy and cancerous cells which are no longer needed in the body, which is the process called apoptosis.

Honey with Black Seeds

In one research in Egypt, rats in the lab were exposed to strong carcinogens, and divided into four groups. Each group as given with honey or black seeds, and one group was given a combination treatment of honey and black seeds.

This research was conducted to examine the benefits of combining bee honey and Nigella grains on oxidation stress, and cancer cells created in a laboratory environment

Rats which were given black seeds and bee honey were a 100% protected against inflammatory responses, oxidative stress and cancer formation, whereas rats that had been given only black seeds obtained an 80% protection

Black Seed Oil benefits in Radiation Treatments

A study was conducted in Turkey, in 2014, to demonstrate the efficacy of black seed oil in patients receiving radiation treatment. There were plenty of side effects experienced by patients due to the treatment of radiation. Scientists were interested to know how black seed oil could aid in alleviating these side effects.

Rats in a lab were exposed to a single dose of gamma radiation, and another control group was not exposed to the gamma radiation.

Another group of rats were given one gram of black seed oil per kilogram of their body weight and hour before their radiation, and another after the radiation, for 10 days consecutively.

The fourth group of rats were radiated and given only saline solution instead of black seed oil

This research highlighted the potent antioxidant properties of the black seed oil, which lowered the oxidative stress markers in the rats which had ingested black seed oil. Researchers were also able to prove that ingesting the oil continuously for ten days prevented any harmful side effects of the gamma radiation.

In an bid to mimic the human clinical setting where normal tissues in patients with cancer were subjected to gamma radiation’s harmful side effects, a research in India done in 2012 was also conducted on mice exposed to gamma radiation. The mice were divided into two groups: one was the normal group, while the other had mice with tumor.

The mice which had received gamma radiation were given 100 mg of black seed oil per body weight in kg. The findings showed that the liver, spleen, intestine and brain of the mice were protected from gamma radiation because the mice had been given black seed oil.

This extract of black seeds can eliminate the harmful effects of radiation, thus preventing any biochemical alterations. Black seed oil is able to scavenge free radicals due to its powerful antioxidant properties.

This further stamps the superiority of black seed oil in playing a major role to protect human cancer patients against the harmful effects of radiation therapy. Their quality of lives will improve at a significant rate.

Uncontrolled cell growth and liver cancer cells can be prevented by Black Seeds

A study was conducted in 2013, in India to determine the effects of thymoquinone. Two groups of rats with liver cancer were studied. One group received water with 0.01% of thymoquinone whereas the other group received only plain water. After four months, the tumor markers, liver injury markers and liver cancer nodules were measured. Rats which had not consume thymoquinone had an elevation in the size of their tumor.

However, rats which had ingested thymoquinone with the water, showed a significant reduction in their tumor markers and liver injury markers. It was impressive to note that there were also no developments of liver cancer nodules. The formation of new tumors were also much lesser when compared to the rats which had not ingested thymoquinone. Therefore, the scientists were left to conclude that thymoquinone inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells, thus benefiting very much so in patients who have liver cancer.

In Egypt, another study done in 2012 wanted to measure the effect of bee honey and black seed oil on human liver cancer cells. They found out that black seed oil and bee honey effectively lower the growth of liver cancer cells, and also caused the apoptosis, which is the death of cancer cells. They believe that black seed oil, was very much in fact, a powerful antioxidant. The black seed oil and honey proved its ability in destroying harmful, and unhealthy cells.


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