These Painkilling Marijuana Tampons May Be The End of Period Cramps

Marijuana has been known as effective medicinal product, not only by medical professional but also by general public. Marijuana has the ability to treat various medical condition including glaucoma and insomnia.

But of course marijuana is commonly used as a painkiller. Known to relief numerous pain like those cause by chemotherapy, injuries and inflammatory disease, Marijuana has been used even widely now.

If you regularly suffer from menstruation cramps, then you can take the benefit of using marijuana to relief the pain. There is a company name Foria that invented a cannabis product that aim to relief the pain cause by menstruation. Thanks to this company now you can use marijuana pain killer to kill pain during your period.

Tampons Made From Cannabis

The product made by Foria Company is called Foria Relief. Though this product isn’t really considered as a tampon, it Is also a suppository which is inserted in similar manner. You can also use tampon along with this product to maximize its calmative effects.

This product made from three natural ingredients which are organic cocoa butter, CBD isolate, and THC oil. Foria stated that the combination of CBD isolate and THC oil can activate certain cannabinoid receptor in the pelvic area after it is ingested. Thus, it will provide the benefit of relieving pain and discomfort that usually occur during period and many users have proved it to be right.

This suppository contain cannabinoids which has the ability which can help the nerves in the cervix, uterus, and ovaries to block out pain. It also increase comfort during menstruation by relaxing the surrounding smooth muscle tissue.

How to Use the Product

Foria Relief works by relieving pains closest to the area where it is inserted. So you can relieve the pain in the womb area which usually happened during the period by inserting the suppository into the vagina. Some user also reported that Foria Relief help them relieve pain in the back and hip area -- which also commonly affected during the period -- when they insert it rectally.

You will start to feel your pain being relieved around 15 – 30 minutes after insertion. If you use it along with tampon, you need to insert the Foria Relief before the tampon. Do worry if you experience some form of leakage not long after inserting the product since the cocoa butter will melt after use.

When the product is not being used, keep it in a cool, dry area like in the refrigerator. Do not store it in a place with heat higher than 76 degrees Fahrenheit because it will melt.