These Exercises Are Not Yet Contested: 3 Minutes Enough For Health And Slenderness! (Video)

No one contested these exercises yet and those who practice them know how good they actually are and represent one golden rule for slenderness and health.

The exercises consist of five postures or five Tibetans, they are old four thousandth years and yet they still are preserved in their original form. They are very useful and do not have serious competition. Introduce them to your lifestyle and rhythm, for start you will only need three minutes for the entire series and also they will help you in stretching and strengthen immunity, rise energy levels and stimulate the endocrine glands.

set vector tibetan rituals sihlouettes

1. Stand upright with your arms outstretched on the side. Hold your fingers together and let your palms open, faced down. The feet should be on the same level as the shoulder. Rotate one full circle in the direction of the arrow from the clock. While you rotate, inhale and exhale deeply. At the beginning there will be nausea but after you are finish with circling, stand with outstretched arms and focus with joined thumbs until you feel better.

set vector tibetan rituals sihlouettes

2. Bow on your knees with straight feet leaned on the fingers. Make odds with your knees and the pelvis in flat position with the back. Inhale air and turn your head as far as possible in backwards.  Hold your breath briefly and inhale returning to the start position.

set vector tibetan rituals sihlouettes

3. Lay on your back on a flat and hard area. Stretch your feet and your arms along the body with palms facing toward the floor. Inhale air through the nose, lift your legs more than 90 degrees at the same time with your head lifted closer to your chest. As you exhale slowly, lower the head and the legs.

set vector tibetan rituals sihlouettes

4. Sit with outstretched legs. Place the palms on the floor beside your hips, your pelvis should be straight and your head lowered down to the floor so you can form bridge. Hold in this position shortly and with inhalation return in the old typical sitting position. 

set vector tibetan rituals sihlouettes

5. Lay on your stomach and start this exercise so that the body will be relayed on the outstretched hands, and let the hands and feet be supported on the floor. Turn the head in backward position. Inhale from that position, lift the hips, the head and lay on the chest to take a position of a triangle. With exhaling return to the starting position. During this exercise do not lower your body to the ground only the palms and feet should be in addition to support the body.

Rules to follow:

For best results do the exercises early in the morning, half an hour after waking up and before breakfast. In the first week do 3 repetitions of each exercise, 4 in the second, and 5 in the third until you reach 21 repetitions of the exercise. That is the number you should achieve while you practice the Tibetans.


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