These Are the Side Effects of Coconut Oil – What Science Does NOT Tell Us

The coconut oil although is not clinically proven his advantages are highly helpful and improve skin, hair, cardiac, thyroid and digestive health. As much as the coconut oil is beneficial to you every good thing sometimes has side effects. In this case weight gain and cholesterol increase are included and maybe sometimes there are allergic reactions. If you read this article you will be aware of the side effects and how to eventually stay away from these.

Coconut Oil Side effects

1.High cholesterol- it is true that the oil is helpful and has amazing effects in your cardiac effect, the American Medical Association advises that the oil should be avoided. There are proofs that it additionally increases cholesterol, the one LDL cholesterol. The AMA identified saturated fatty acids who are causing artery blockage and reduced blood flow. The result of blood clots who can potentially block the arteries is often a heart attack. On the other side an article appeared in US News and World Report where few nutritionists say that fatty acids in the oil can be increased much more easily as good cholesterol or they cannot increase cholesterol at all.

2.Gastro- Intestinal Distress – in the book Virgin Coconut Oil: Nature’s Miracle Medicine by Doctor Bruce Fife the coconut oil is explained as antibacterial and antimicrobial medicine. Although in the course of action of vanishing the viruses and bacteria the side effect of this is diarrhea or IBS symptoms.

3.Allergic reaction – the allergic reaction can be only founded in people who are hypersensitive to the fruit. The activation of the allergies can also be provided in people who are allergic to hazelnuts. These allergies are usually fatal and life threatening. They sometimes lead to deadly anaphylaxis.

4.Weight gain – the weight gain is the main reason why you should avoid consuming the oil in large mass. It is not medically proven but it is considered that it increases cholesterol levels who lead to gain weight.

5.Die- off effects- if you use the coconut oil for therapy of fungal infections that can cause side effects also. While the process is happening the anti- fungal agents are releasing toxins into the body. This is declared also by Doctor Bruce Fife and he also declares that these symptoms are fading and in just few days everything is back to normal.

Avoiding coconut side effects

If you have some detected allergies to foods even that the oil is most safe used in food you should avoid consuming it without any allergy tests. For most of the people besides the ones previously mentioned it is safe and it also is beneficial by combining it with other herbs. On the other hand when you decide to start using it you should always be aware of its method of production so health implications can be avoided. If the oil no matter if it is organic or virgin is certified by the US department of production it is good for use. Have in mind to use only small amounts of it or only the dose that your doctor prescribed.