These 9 Coconut Water Brands are FILLED with Toxic Ingredients. Try THESE Instead


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Coconut water works even better than sports drinks, as it supplies athletes with natural magnesium and potassium, both of which balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and thus rehydrate the body. According to a scientific review published in the Molecules journal, the list of benefits that this water provides is quite extended, including preventing heart attacks, lowering high blood pressure, and curing cancer. In addition to this, it helps treat Alzheimer`s disease and dementia, thanks to the “trans-zeatin”, a plant hormone it contains.

However, food manufacturers have started to take advantage of its popularity. Consequently, there are many brands which have been completely ruined by processing or harmful chemicals.

Are you Drinking This Type of (toxic) Coconut Water?

In order to retain its nutrients, the packaged coconut water should be obtained from fresh coconuts. However, some manufacturers use methods of packaging which ruin the product itself.

1.Adopting Water from Mature Coconuts

The nutrient dense water comes from young green coconut and as it ages, the nutrients leak into the meat of the fruit. Consequently, the water loses its nutritional value.

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2.Dipping Coconuts in Chemicals for Transport

In order to sustain the long transportation to the USA, many non-organic coconuts are dipped into sodium metabisulphite or formaldehyde, both of which leak into the fruit and poison it.

3.Pasteurizing Coconut Water with Heat

Coconut water is usually perishable due to its delicacy. Even though it should be kept cold, some manufacturers are exposed to high temperatures in order to last longer and to have their bacteria killed.

Besides the flavor, this process destroys all enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Although there are healthier methods to kill bacteria and keep nutrients available, manufacturers tend to disregard them.

4.Adding Preservatives to Flavor and Sweeten Coconut Water

Even though young coconut water is naturally refreshing and sweet, some manufacturers add additional sweeteners or “natural flavors.” This is completely unnecessary as they would need to do this if they have been using coconut water with an acidic taste which comes from mature coconuts.

5.Using Reconstituted Concentrate instead of Fresh Coconut Water

Regular water is added to the coconut water syrup for packaging once it is heated and reduced to a syrup. As mentioned above, the coconut water and any other fruit losing its enzymes and nutrients when heated to this extent. The only reason for doing this is that importing coconut water syrup is much cheaper.

Have These Brands of Coconut Water Earned Your Trust?


This Coca Cola`s water is made from concentrate, it contains natural flavors, and it is pasteurized with ultra-high heat.

2.Coco Libre ( Organic)

Even though it is labelled organic, this brand uses coconut water from concentrate. In addition to this, the processing uses pasteurization and natural flavors.

3.O.N.E. Coconut Water

This Pepsico brand uses flash pasteurization, flavors, and sugar. Even though the sugar ingredient is not classified as to the type, it is likely to be a GMO type.

4.Naked Juice Coconut Water

This is another Pepsico brand which uses flash pasteurizing and water from mature coconuts.  Moreover, they have faced a lawsuit for using GMOs and synthetically substances.


This brand uses high heat pasteurization up to 120 degrees with the product in their cans and they use both aluminium and steel cans.

6.Vita Coco

Labelled as being “100 % pure”, this brand contains added sweeteners and it uses pasteurization with heat.


This brand uses heat pasteurization and added preservatives, including sugar.  It is known for its battle against GMO labelling in California.

8.Purity Organic

Again, even though this brand is labelled organic, it uses bad practices, concentrate, and flash pasteurization.

9.Cona Zona

Interestingly, the label of this brand reveals its true origin. In other words, it reveals that the coconut water is made from concentrate.

Note: It is recommended to use water from an organic coconut tree. If you must buy packaged water, look for raw and organic one, such as Exotic Superfoods or Harmless Harvest.


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