The Way Your Body Reacts to Coffee Hints At Major Secrets To Your Metabolism

Is coffee something that boosts your energy levels and helps you get the job done, or is it something that just gives you the shaking hands? Although most people fall under the first category, there are still some people who have to deal with abnormal heartbeats and headaches after drinking their cup of coffee.  Their metabolisms just aren’t fast enough to get the full benefits of the coffee.

Unsettling right?

Dr. Michael Roizen believes that this problem is mainly caused by the slower-working metabolism of the people who deal with the headaches and heartbeat. According to him, if you drink a well prepared and filtered eight ounces cup of coffee, for as long as an hour, and don’t face these issues as well as gastric upsets, then you fall into the category of a “fast metabolizer” and you can fully take advantage of the benefits that coffee has to offer like Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even a few types of cancer.

But the other group of people who fall under the category of “slow metabolizers” face so many negative effects, that they completely outweigh the benefits.

So for those of you out there with a fast metabolism, this is yet another excuse for you to be grabbing that coffee mug the first thing in the morning!

NOTE: No matter if you’re a fast or a slow metabolizer, you should avoid drinking coffee or other caffeine-containing beverages because there is a risk that it might mess up your normal sleep cycle.