The Results Have Surprised The Medicine: Unusual Remedy Against Cough


A study in Tehran dedicated to patients with chronic cough that lasts several for weeks as a result of pulmonary infection. Doctors usually prescribe different drugs for these patients, but chronic cough bother patients again, long after the infection.

They were made three groups of which in the first two patients were healed by standard drugs. The patients in the third group were treated with a combination of 20 grams of honey and 3 grams of instant coffee. They were taking the dose on every 8 hours for 7 days. Out of the three groups, only the group in which patients were treated with honey and coffee showed the best results. Compared to expensive and harmful drugs, coffee and honey showed excellent results.

In case you are bothered by chronic cough, you can try this unusual remedy in order to improve your health condition. Mix the coffee and honey well, until you get creamy mixture. Consume the mixture right away. Take the remedy three times a day, until you feel better. Try it out – you can only lose the cough.


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