The Power And Healing Properties Of Wild Garlic – Did You Know This?

Wild garlic is sprouting edible herb that has remarkable curative and broad spectrum of activity. This wonderful herb that nature has in abundance should be used in the right way.

In 1996 wild garlic has been declared as medicinal herb of the year in Europe and the famous naturalist Doctor Kunz says no other plant in the world as effective in cleaning the intestines, stomach and blood, as wild garlic. It has great healing powers. Even when bears wake from hibernation they are eating wild onions in order to clean the stomach, intestines and blood, and therefore one of the popular names of this herb is Bear’s garlic.

Wild garlic contains essential oils rich in alicin, izoalin and other sulfide compounds. The young leaves of wild garlic contain 20-50 mg of vitamin C and 7% carotene.

It contains allicin, one of the most powerful antimicrobial elements in nature, so called natural antibiotic. It contains large amounts of adenosine, even 20 times more healing then ordinary garlic.

Wild garlic is useful and helps in reducing high blood pressure, reducing the amount of lipids, triglycerides, cholesterol and acts as an antioxidant. It can also help against colds, protects against atherosclerosis, helps with problems such as stomach ulcer and does not allow merging of platelets.

This vegetable helps and improves blood circulation, has soothing effect on the heart, possesses antimicrobial properties, cleanses the body of harmful substances (smoking, alcohol), acts well on respiratory diseases and helps in healing of wounds. Wild garlic is a natural antioxidant and has a strong impact when it comes to improving the immune system. It is effective against intestinal parasites in children and stimulates the stomach and intestines.

Wild garlic is good and can be used for washing the hair thus preventing seasonal hair loss. Mix drops of wild garlic juice with nettle shampoo and wash your hair twice a week. This way you will reduce hair loss naturally.

Unfortunately wild garlic is not available throughout the year. Freshly harvested can be refrigerated for several days. Once it is dried and/or cooked it loses its healing properties. However it has tinctures that can be purchased and used when you need them.

Now before the onset of winter, when we are prone to colds and flu and with decreased immunity, wild garlic is a great tool that can help us to protect ourselves.