The New Toothpaste Which Leave Dentists Without Work


Everyone hates a visit to the dentist for a checkup and the need for toothpastes that can actually help to relieve sufferers of toothaches is in high demand. A lot of toothpastes these days claim to help fight cavities and plaque, while some are quite useful others leave much to be desired.

Researchers have for long been experimenting on various formulas to solve those nagging tooth problems we all may have experienced at some point in our lives. In Japan a researcher going by the name of Kazue Yamagishi  has actually come up with an unbelievable toothpaste that may just put dentists out of business.

He may just have revolutionized the toothpaste making industry with his invention, a toothpaste that is capable of filling cavities in the teeth and can also restore tooth enamel. The remarkable properties of this ‘magical’ toothpaste are set to improve our personal hygiene in leaps and bounds.

The toothpaste is made up of components that are very similar to our tooth enamel. This component has been liquefied for easy use with a regular toothbrush. Once applied to the teeth it works its way to all the cavities in the teeth and through a dilution of its acids to the surface of the teeth; the toothpaste crystallizes and attaches itself to the enamel of the teeth thereby helping to keep the teeth strong and healthy.

The amazing thing is that it does this in three minutes.

The researcher managed to obtain the formula of the new paste after an extensive period of testing and experimenting with hydroxylapatite.

Hydroxylapatite is also called crystalline calcium phosphate and this is the primary constituent of the teeth. By having a synthetic-concentrated form of this compound in toothpaste, Kazue Yamagishi has been able to threaten the livelihood of our family dentist.

It may seem unfair that a profession that has gone on for centuries will be in danger of extinction just by this one invention, but that is the benefit of science. Now this breakthrough will lead to a shift in patients behavior with less people going to get their teeth filled.

Dentists will have to brace themselves for a difficult time ahead once this wonder toothpaste becomes more commercially available and anyone can get their hands on it and at a good affordable price.

At that time it may be dire for the noble profession of dentistry.



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