The Most Venomous Tree In The World. Its Fruit Is Deadly!

This South American tree is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most venomous tree in the world. The fruit by it called Manchineel “hippomane mancinella” appears as a beautiful, juicy apple or lemon, but trying it can be the last thing you ate in life.


In South America it is also called as the Tree of Death or “Arbol de la muerte”. This deadly tree is so poisonous that even if you are standing beside it in the rain you can get the effect of the poison.

The fruit from this tree is so toxic that only even one bite will cause you serious health issues. The first bite will cause suffocation similar as an allergy. If you eat it all the death practically knocked at your door of life. That’s why for the safety of the tourists this tree is marked with a red “X” as a warning to not try to eat the tempting fruits.

However, this deadly tree has positive sides. Protects from erosion and it is extremely important for all the eco- system. This is why the cutting and destruction of this tree is forbidden in the laws in many countries.


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