The Most Efficient Natural Remedy Against Fungi On The Body!

The heat and humidity are ideal breeding conditions for the fungi. They are unicellular or multicellular parasitic organisms without chlorophyll, which are present everywhere in our environment. The sources of infection depend upon the natural reservoir of fungi that are harmful to man. There are three groups of fungi: from soil and food; the ones forming parasitize on our skin and in the body (mouth, colon -- Human fungi) and those who live parasitic animal. Some types of fungus can cause violent acute inflammation with ulceration. Fungi attack the keratin layer of the skin, hairs and nails. Infection can occur on healthy skin or previously damaged skin by external factors (humidity, heat, chemicals, wounds etc.) or endogenous factors (eczema, excoriations, diabetic angiopathy). It may occur in any part of the body or organ or onto entire system (respiratory, digestive) in weakened immunity.

Fighting against the fungus takes a lot of patience and persistence. Namely, it is very likely after a short time for fungi to return, after the treatment. Here are a few natural remedies for successful treatment.


Garlic is the most dangerous natural enemy of fungi. Apply crushed or grated directly to the affected area and after a while you will notice relief. In order to achieve complete healing it is necessary to use garlic continuously over a long period of time.


Yogurt is on the second place on the list. This refreshing drink contains so-called “good bacteria” that are very useful in combating fungi. You can feel free to use yoghurt for treating skin and mucous membrane.

Meaning, you can simply rub it onto the affected area or you can dip a tampon, if you need to apply it internally.

Advice: Do not let yogurt act for too long because it has tendency to cause an opposite effect.

It is best to wash it off, completely, after a few minutes of action since by that time it has already completed its work. This process should be repeated several times during the day.

Apple cider vinegar

For elimination of various diseases of the skin and mucous membrane it is best to use apple cider vinegar. You can apply it both internally and externally. However, because this is a very strong substance, for treating fungal diseases it is recommended to dilute it in some water.

This therapy can be especially effective if combined with garlic. Just do not use plain white vinegar, because it could contribute to their reproduction of fungi.