The Long Kept Secret By Doctors: The Wrinkles And Bags Will Disappear For 4 Days!

Women all over the world are faced with one irritable problem, the wrinkles and under eye bags. They use different lotions for lightening the skin, which due to age it lost its elasticity. We cannot say that the lotions have no effect but today we will present you few tricks that will assist you and the wrinkles and bags will be gone.

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Tea – The tea with caffeine contains natural tannin, mild diuretic which was used by our ancestors and today, it is used by the models for reducing the under eye bags. Soak two filter sachets into hot water, let them cool in the freezer for a while and put them on your eyes. After 5 minutes your eyes will be refreshed.

Avocado – To many people, the fatigue brings them dark drives under their eyes which due to them, the person appears older than usual. If you did not had time for rest, cut avocado and put the pieces of it under the eyes or make blended mixture from avocado and almonds.

Metallic spoons -- Take two metallic spoons and hold them under cold water for few minutes. After this, put the lower part of the spoon under the eyes for 30 to 60 seconds. The cold metal will revive your tired eyes and at the same time will give you energy.

Fresh cucumbers – When your eyes are red and swollen simply, cut 2 pieces of fresh cucumber, lie down, put them on our eyes and hold them for half an hour. Took some time off and rest, they will be lighter and you will be refreshed after a while.

Cream for hemorrhoids – Models and actresses know this secret. Namely, the cream against hemorrhoids tightens faster the swollen eyes and reduces the wrinkles. If the smell of the cream is too strong for you, mix it with your regular moisturizer before applying.

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