The Lemon Water Challenge: Drink a Glass of Lemon Water for 28 Days And Will Experience These Huge Body Changes

There is a YouTube video which talks about a 28-day lemon challenge, and how it can bring fantastic results to the health. This video was shared by someone who supports healthy living, the popular Danette May. She asked people to take the challenge, and be impressed by its results! People who take on the lemon water challenge would start feeling, happier, healthier and full of energy!

The benefit of lemon water can be maximized by taking it for 28 days. It should be drunk the first thing in the morning, and will help maintain a healthy, toxic free body. Since it is alkaline, lemon is able to remove toxins from our body efficiently.

The challenge is extremely simple. The person has to just juice half a lemon, and add its juice to half a glass of water. According to Danette, warm or room temperature water is more suitable than cold water. It should be consumed first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else.

Organic lemons are a better alternative for this diet!

Lemon water cleanses the liver and breaks down fatty cells, thus making us lose weight in the process. We will also be less bloated, and the body will not store excess fluids, while increasing our metabolic rate in the process.

Source: Healthy Food House


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