The Healthiest Tea In The World – Olive Tea


The history of using olive tree, which can live up to 3000 years, for different purposes is pretty long. In today’s world, people give accent to olive tree’s fruits and products made of it. But did you know that olive tree’s leaves have fantastic healing properties?

Olive leaf has numerous “hidden” healing properties. One of its active compounds is called oleuropein (bitter mono-terpenic glycoside). In fact, oleuropein and products made of its hydrolytic degradation have powerful antibacterial properties.

You can improve your health condition by using olive leaves. Diseases caused by bacteria such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, hepatitis, herpes and others. It can also help in urinary tract infections and surgical infections.

Olive leaves have abundance of compounds which help in the process of strengthening the immune system, increases energy, have anti-parasite, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. These leaves help in eliminating and soothing numerous health conditions, reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels and treats coronary diseases.

The list of diseases that can be treated by compounds consisted in olive leaves is long. Using olive leaf tea can greatly help to improve your health if you suffer from any of the following diseases:

-- High percentage of fats in the blood

-- Diabetes

-- Herpes

-- Atherosclerosis

-- Hepatitis A, B and C

-- Arthritis

-- Meningitis (both bacterial and viral)

-- Diphtheria

-- Listeria

-- Malaria

-- Ulcer

-- Flu

-- Urinary tract inflammation

-- Chlamydia infections

Recipe for the healthiest tea in the world:

Olive tea

-- 15-20 dried olive leaves

-- 200-300 dl of water

Boil the water and add the olive leaves in it. Cook for another 2 or 3 minutes. After that, put the bowl away from the fire and let it stand still for 10 minutes or so. Throw the olive leaves afterwards. You can drink the tea while warm or cooled. Add some honey and /or lemon if you want to improve its taste. In order to feel the tea’s effects, you need to consume it on a daily basis. Healthy people should drink it as well, because this way they will prevent of catching some diseases. The tea tastes sweet with mild bitter flavor.

Olive tea leaves are harvested in spring while they are young. Wash them and place them in a place where there is good air circulation. Keep the dried leaves in tightly closed container in dark place.

Newer studies have shown that olive tea contains even more antioxidants than green tea, which makes it the healthiest tea in the world.


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