The Experts Are Unanimous: These Kind Of Foods Should Be Avoided!


We all are very informed and we know that many of the foods that we consume contain many chemicals and toxins. If we want to be healthy we should consume food that are completely natural without pesticides, minimally processed and non- additive in its compounds. Here are several kind of foods that should never be consumed and several experts are agreeing with this:

1.Toxins – popcorn by microwave oven

  • The problem with this lies in the substance PFOA which is located into the popcorn packing into the microwave. Into the microwave this chemical evaporates, enters into popcorn and can be present into the human body for years. This chemical substance can cause infertility and problems with liver and pancreas.

2.Endocrinology – tomatoes in can

  • The problem lies into the aluminum cans who contain bisphenol- A which is synthetic estrogen. Often it is connected with the reproductive problems, diabetes, thickness and cardiac disease.

3.Experts for fishing – fishing from pond

  • It is not quite natural for salmon to be living in indoor ponds and be fed with soy, animal waste and etc. The salmon meat produced on this way is extremely carcinogenic and it is related to the diabetes and thickness.

4.Agronomist – inorganic potato

  • The inorganic potato contains lots of pesticides, herbicides and fungus. It does not fathom so it could easily be spotted by this fact. Consume only organic potatoes who are not chemically treated.

5.Farmers – meat from animals fed by corn

  • The Goods in nature feeds itself with grass not with corn. Many farmers who want bigger and quicker profit, fed their Goods with corn and soy because it is cheaper. The meat from the goods who is fed on the natural way- with grass, contains very large amount of beta- carotene, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and contains very little fats. Consume meat from goods that is fed with grass, it is more expensive but is healthier and tastier.

6.Experts who make researches for cancer – milk from cows which are injected with different artificial hormones

  • Many of the manufacturers of milk, inject their cows with hormones for growth in order to increase the production of milk. This process causes various infections in cows. This kind of milk is connected with several types of cancer.

7.Experts for inorganic- organic apples

  • From all of the inorganic products, the apples contain the highest level of pesticides. The results of the researches has shown that the exposure to these pesticides are associated with cancer and Perkin’s disease.

8.Biotechnology experts – inorganic soy

  • The soy which is used for human needs is fermented soy. Unfortunately around 90% of the soy is GMO and is causing long- term health problems because it disrupts the hormone balance and sometimes can cause cancer. 


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