The Doctors Advise You How To Protect Yourself From The Virus “Zika”!

The World Health Organization advises all the women which are living in the area where the virus is registered must protect their selves, especially in case of pregnancy.

The organization issued a recommendation for women about the mictocephaly and other neurological disorders who are associated with the virus “Zika” who is transmitted by the mosquitoes and is registered in 30 countries.

The world health organization has not issued a road warming, but they offered women to go and consult a doctor or relevant departments before taking any kind of trip.

“Most of the women in which areas the virus is present, will give birth to normal children. The early ultrasound does not provide reliable microcephaly, except in extreme cases.” – announces the World Health Organization.

In the statement is noted that the women who want to terminate the pregnancy because they fear of microcephaly should have access to safe abortion in accordance with the law of the country they live in.     


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