The Cause Of Lung Cancer Has Been Discovered: You Will Not Believe What The Cause Is!

If you live somewhere in the valley, the news is bad for you. It does not matter if you live in a city or village because when compared to someone who lives on the mountain you have a much higher risk of getting lung cancer.

Besides smoking and smog, genetics and a whole life spent in mine, one of the reasons why people in certain areas often suffer from lung cancer, believe it or not, is the air they breathe.

In fact, the thing is that it matters the altitude where you live. In the lowlands air is denser, richer in oxygen, but in excessive amounts it is harmful to our body.

Simply, oxygen is a very unusual element… When we eat our body uses it to turn food into energy. However, oxidation is metabolic process through which majority of carcinogens free radicals, are released.

These active atoms can do damage in the body, damage the DNA, and in time they can also damage stem cells -- and thus cause cancer. Because the lungs are first on the list of oxygen, they are the most susceptible to cancer.

Although this sounds daunting it is still a natural process. Of course, if you want to reduce the risk of cancer, consider moving to a higher altitude. It is the best to live on a mountain because the air is sparser. Breathing this kind of air will make the lungs not only spread more but they will also work differently, have less bad oxygen with which they have to struggle.

US researchers conducted a great research and calculated that on every one thousand meters above sea level, the number of people diagnosed with lung cancer decreases.