The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

Not only they are not harmful to our health but they are true guardians of our immunity. The following natural antibiotics are the ideal solution in the fight against viruses and colds in winter.


The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

Garlic is best known for its antibacterial characteristics. Modern research confirms that it is effective against many types of viruses, fungi and bacteria and, unlike modern antibiotics, the bacteria do not become resistant to his effects.


The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

Bees use propolis to defend the hive from outside attacks, including infections. People know the positive effects of propolis, such as protection against bacteria and enhance the immune system, long time ago. Unlike ordinary antibiotics, propolis act against viruses.

Studies have shown that the usage of propolis in the season of colds and flu can reduce the chances of getting colds by 53 percent. It is also effective in the treatment of cough, sore throat, sinuses and tonsils.


The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

It originates from North America, and Indians were very knowledgeable of the leaves and roots of the plant as medicine for healing any wound. This herb prevents infection and improves immunity thus stimulates secretion of production of lymphocytes that have defensive role because they produce antibodies.

Echinacea is very effective in preventing colds and inflammation of the ear.

Green Tea

The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

Besides the fact that green tea has various positive effects on our health, it is also recommended as a supplement to diets. According to the latest research, one of its most active substances (polyphenols, epigallocatechin and gallate) have great act against bacteria in the mouth.


The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

Before people discover synthetic antibiotics, sage was the most valuable natural antibiotic. Its medicinal properties are known since ancient times and the people in the middle ages believed that sage prolongs life. It contains essential oil, tannin, iron, calcium and vitamin A.


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