Symptoms And Signs That Your Body Is Filled With Toxins.

How often you feel tired and energy lesser during the day and during your daily responsibilities? The polluted air, insecticides and pesticides, the additives in groceries are filled with toxins in very small amounts witch we insert inside of us daily and their long term act can cause serious problems.

Headaches, the increased sensitivity of smell, fatigue are pains that we don’t take seriously but actually because of them we don’t complete our daily responsibilities. That all dues to the toxins that we enter daily inside of us.

Here are some signs that warn us for surplus toxins in our body and how can we get rid of them.

Weight problems

It’s not easy to get rid of surplus weight, but beside your healthy nutrition and exercising the kg remains the same and maybe your problem is hormonal. The excessive quantity of toxins which your body is fighting can make effective glands disorder. You need a complete body detox to make normal balance hormones.

Bad breath

Besides the regular oral hygiene, the problem with bad breath remains. It can dues because you maybe have digestive problems and also a sign of increased toxins.


Besides your sleeping regularly at night, you wake up in the morning tired and you try somehow to make through the day. This can be a sign that your body is trying to eliminate all the toxins inside. How to fix this problem? Avoid the caffeine and sugar and enter more vegetables and fruit and also drink a lot of water.

Muscle pain

If you can’t continue training the same exercises from the other day the reason is clearly the toxins inside. This effects especially the muscles and you feel pain without any workouts.


Our tubing daily receive much toxins and helps the body fight with them. When we have constipation problems, the toxins remain in the digestive system and affect negatively. The headaches and fatigue are consequences of constipation. If your nutrition is filled with chemicals and pesticides the toxins are guaranteed.

Skin change

Acnes, pimples and other skin damages can be a sign that the organism is filled with toxins. Acnes can appear also as effect of different crèmes and lotions but psoriasis and eczema are appearing when the organism is fighting with toxins.

Increased sensitivity of smell

The reaction of strong smells, especially perfumes means that the ones you use are not for you. But if your senility of smell is over high the problem is in the toxins which are settled in your body. If you feel big headache after you feel strong smell then definitely the problem lies in the toxins.

If your facing with some of the up advertised symptoms here are some useful tips: 

  1. Drink a lot of water, it helps discarding the toxins inside.
  2. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily, the exercising helps with circulating and discarding.
  3. Dandelion, coriander or parsley tea
  4. While brushing the teeth, brush your tongue also
  5. Your nutrition should contain a lot of probiotics as yogurt, Greek yogurt, kombucha tea..
  6. Inhale and exhale a lot daily, much oxygen is better
  7. Use products on natural base without any chemicals included.
  8. The organic food is much healthier so use it as often as you can.