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Strong Food In Fight Against Cancer

For healthy and long life these following things are required: exercise, nutrition, rest and etc. similarities. By healthy life I mean, life without diseases and this indeed can be achieved by proper consume of healthy food. There are foods that are the first anticancer fighters and here in this article we list them. Try to consume them frequently:

Broccoli – it contains sulforaphane which reduces the spread of illness. Its power is proven by clinical testing, eat steam cooked broccoli.

Brussels sprouts – This is the number one ranked food that fights against free radicals, eat them prepared on the grill.

Kale – rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Also protects the body from free radicals. You can consume it as salad and consume it more often.

Peas – they contain phytochemicals that protects us from cancer. Put them as sauces in pastas.

Sweet potato – Contains beta carotene and fibers. For consume always choose the sweet potatoes not the ordinary white ones.

Cabbage – enables the body to fight against several types of cancer. Consume it often and add it in almost every meal.

GrapefruitCitrus fruit who contains very little amount of sugar and a lot of vitamin C. Positively gives resistance to the organism. Make juices or use it as vinegar in salads.

Watermelon – contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Eat it while is fresh.

GrapesBlack grapes contains large percentage of resveratrol which effects against the cancer cells. Eat fresh grapes and consume one glass of wine daily.


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