Stop Believing In These 4 Big Myths About The Mineral Water!

When it comes to mineral water, many people have opposing views on it. While some consider it to be curative, other considered it as very harmful.

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There was made one recent study which crashed the 4 big myths about the mineral water – find out what the truth is!

Myth 1 – the mineral water does not hydrates as the ordinary water

  • It was considered that the carbon dioxide in the mineral water is preventing the absorption inside the body but the research showed that this is not true. In fact, one study concluded that the mineral water equally heals the effects of exercise as the ordinary water.

Myth 2 – the mineral water is bad for teeth and bones

  • The carbonic acid, which occurs when the water is mixed with the carbon dioxide, can harm the tooth enamel but this will happen if you drink large amounts of mineral water, about 6 liters a day for example. In addition, the study which was examining the connection with the bubbled drink and the reduce of bone density in women, all kinds of mineral water gave the green light.

Myth 3 – the mineral water is not good helper in weight loss as the ordinary water

  • The mineral water can trigger short bloating but it can have positive effect on your figure. Studies have shown that the mineral water more efficiently creates a feeling of fullness than the plain water, especially if you drink it on empty stomach, which means that is great aide in weight loss. Just avoid version of mineral water with artificial sweeteners that may increase the desire for sweets.

Myth 4 – mineral water causes acid

  • The mineral water would not cause acid, but it can increase the existing acids, because in that case it is better to avoid it and drink plain water, especially while eating.

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