Spreading Salt Around The House – Here’s Why It’s So Incredible!

Salt has so many excellent benefits.  We know about cooking and flavour, but salt also has excellent benefits in and around the house.  And -- for your skin!

How to use salt in the house

Salt has no toxic effects in the house, in fact it has often been used for cleaning.  Cleaning products today have many toxins and harmful chemicals and so it makes sense to use something toxin free.


Salt is an excellent disinfectant. Use it mixed with water to clean the bath, basin or sinks.  You can stop using over the counter products and use a mixture of salt and water to clean.  It is a natural cleaning agent.

Polish your silver

Take a look at your kitchen cutlery and your Grandmother’s silver.  It may need a good polish.  The same applies to your copper and brass items.  Instead of an over the counter and heavy smelling domestic product, use salt and water mixed with a little apple-cider vinegar.  Make a paste and rub and polish with a cloth for excellent results.

Prevent the spread of ants

Sprinkle salt where you have ant infestations and watch them disappear.  You can sprinkle on window cabinets and around your sink, or in storage cabinets.  No need for heavy duty sprays.

Shine your sink

Clean your dishes, using saltwater, and then scrub your sink with saltwater too.  You will be astonished how it quickly looks like new again.  Remember to rinse well, both dishes and sink, with fresh water.

Curtains and rugs

You can make your curtains and carpets look new again by washing them in a concentrated salt mixture.  Soak your belongings in the salt water for a while and then wash.  You will see heavy stains coming off, your fabrics will shine, and you won’t have to spend money on toxic detergents.

Reduce humidity

Salt draws in moisture and will reduce the levels of humidity and moisture in your house, making it exceptionally useful in showers or bathrooms.  Sprinkle a little around and you should not have a damp problem.

How to use salt for your body


Salt is an excellent disinfectant.  Use it as a gargle to soothe and heal a sore throat. Salt will also reduce swelling and it is a good idea to use salt water for two or three weeks post swelling or injury.  Salt can be used to treat open wounds and kill the bacteria but mix the salt heavily with water.


Use salt as a natural scrub and make your skin look younger and healthier.  Mix the salt with an essential oil, lavender is a good one.  Make a paste, smooth it on to your skin and exfoliate gently.  Remove with warm water and notice how your skin glows and looks so much younger.


There is nothing worse than toothache.  Rinsing out your mouth in warm salt water can help.  The same goes if you have mouth ulcers or sores.  Gargle and rinse every few hours for pain relief and healing.

You can also use salt to whiten your teeth.  Mix equal parts of salt with baking powder and rub it on to your teeth.  Brush with the mixture too and see your teeth go back to their natural shine.  It is a good way to remove all those coffee and tea stains too.

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