Special Treatment With Only One Ingredient For Teeth Whitening. You Indeed Have It At Home

This is very much effective treatment and you never even had a clue that it can make your smile sparkling. Apple cider vinegar has many medical properties that maybe it is time to be declared as drug. Among other beneficial things it can indeed whiten teeth.

The vinegar is made by fermented apple, rich in pectin and is great for purification of the mouth and throat. It kills bacteria, removes stains from teeth and removes tartar.

How to use vinegar for whitening?

  • Pour a teaspoon of vinegar in large glass of water and stir. Every morning before brushing teeth, shake the compound in your mouth and brush with toothbrush and after do the normal toothpaste brushing.

Be careful not to make strong solution because it may damage the teeth. Remember to always string the mix before use.


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