Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

If you follow these tips, you can feel better and healthier than ever without any particular effort.

Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Reduce your intake of sugars

Seasonal detoxification is an effective way to feel better and your body to become much healthier.

Start by reducing the amount of sugar you have entered. This advice includes renunciation of honey and artificial sweeteners.

“If you enter a lot of sugar, your body requires more insulin, from which the pancreas exhausts and makes your whole body tired. The long term excessive intake of sugar can lead to diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue and certainly uncontrollable obesity” -- says Matt Dower, director of one of the most popular New York based health centers.

Start with water

Dower also suggests drinking lemon juice mixed with water every morning, without sugar. He believes that lemon is invaluable for rehydration system, it also improves the work of the digestive system, which speeds up the metabolism.

Get active

Regular exercise encourages better circulation lymph glands, and is beneficial for improving digestion, reducing tension, lubrication of joints and tightening the body.

“These are proven facts. People who exercise regularly always have fewer toxins in the body than others “- says Matt Dower.

Drink Tea

Ashley Carr, a research psychologist and lifestyle coach, said that tea is beneficial for detoxifying the body.

“Tea is not only full of antioxidants, it hydrates you and you will create a feeling of satiety. This means that after the tea is less likely to overeat or to eat very unhealthy food. Keep in mind that the caffeine in tea is much better for the body than caffeine from coffee, and you give them moments of alertness “- says Ashley Carr.

Simple Ways to Detox the Body

Discard toxins sweating in the sauna

Forbes Riley, one of the American fitness gurus, is a big fan of detoxification. Her favorite method is the sauna, which itself uses and bailed after delivery to get rid of excess pounds. It proposes to regularly go to the sauna, as it is believed that regular perspiring is the best detoxification method.

Do body scrub

“The release of the dead layer of skin and massage with natural oils not only helps to remove toxins from the surface but will also improve circulation” -- says Christina Chods, health adviser.


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