Simple and Delicious: Homemade Energy Drink



After a hard working day in which you may have had some additional problems, add the high summer temperatures to that, you may need a drink that will boost your energy up. This article has the excellent solution for that kind of a drink, drink that will soon regain your energy. What is important is that you can prepare it by yourself.

It is a drink that will help you get back in shape from tiring day and does not contain any artificial substances, so do not worry about how it will affect your health.


● 200 ml of water
● 2 tablespoons of honey
● a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

In order to dissolve the honey easily, use warm or hot water. Pour the ingredients into a bowl and stir until you see that honey is completely melted. The mixing will take about one minute.

Enjoy this drink that will restore your energy and improve your mood. You can also make a nice gesture and surprise your beloved ones by preparing them this fine “power in the cup” drink.


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