Silent Killer Inside Food: These Are The Toxins Which Daily Enter Inside Our Bodies!


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It is quite dangerous additive and is strictly banned in some European countries but, the rest of the world offers it to children as dessert. Because of tartrazine, children cannot resist the orange and yellow candy, desserts in powder, puddings, chips, jam, bread and sweets. Of course, it is also essential ingredient in shampoos, regenerators and vitamin supplements. Unfortunately this silent killer often hides under the name – preservative, so even those people who take care of their health and always read the label declaration are victims of this poison which is added to food. So, it is time to expose and avoid it in larger arc in order to stop being pawns in the food industry which does all of this to make their product long lasting, better looking and having wonderful scent.

Butyl hydroxytoluene – BHT

Even though the FDA approved the use of this preservative and it normally is used in the production of food and cosmetics, BHT is closely associated with one of the main suspects for cancer appearance, development of toxicity and neurotoxicity and is proven allergen. It is main ingredient in almost all cereals that are regular part of children’s menu and can be found in many cosmetic products and oil derivatives. Experts explain that this chemical composition must not be present in the nature because is flammable, it harms aquatic life and if it is swallowed it can cause dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain. Although the harmful effects that BHT can cause are discovered it is still popular preservative that is used daily. Experts also recommend to cut of this ingredient from your kitchen, and also from your bathroom because is part of many health care products of many well- known manufacturers.

Tartrazine -- E102

This supplement is credited with irresistible color of food products. Because of tartrazine, the children are not able to resist the orange and yellow candy, powdered desserts, puddings, chips, jam bread and sweets as I previously said. Of course, also is present in shampoos, regenerators and even vitamin supplements. The use of this additive leads to cancer and can cause severe allergies. Also, this color is responsible for impulsivity and loss of concentration. However this additive is widely present all over world but strictly forbidden in some European countries.


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The synthetic blend has the status of estrogen and progesterone and it is used as addition in food for rapid growth of the cattle. According to one study provided in Ohio, consumption of meat from animals which were rapidly grown by using Zeranol is important factor of breast cancer appearance.

Monosodium glutamate – MSG

MSG is very well researched and is proven that it causes heart problems, weight gain, headaches, asthma, epilepsy and incontinence. To some people it causes only mild reaction but there are number of symptoms which are life threatening. It can be found in fast food, frozen food and canned and processed food. If on the label the sentence “It does not contain MSG” is present that does not mean that in the product really is not present MSG, it can mean that it is not present in larger quantities.


It is used in the production of plastic, polystyrene, production of tires, latex and polyester. Given the fact that is been proven to be harmful and poisonous it is unbelievable that the US FDA had approved it as additive for food. Be careful when you buy plastic cups and plates for your child’s birthday because due to the high costs of recycling polystyrene, larger amount of it turns into waste which ends up in open dumps. Styrene is considered as dangerous air pollutant and one of the causes for cancer.

Unfortunately you cannot avoid all the carcinogenic substances but it is important to know which are really dangerous.

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