Shocking: The Effects Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions On Your Body

While we know that thinking negatively can hold us back from living an emotionally healthy life, it can be shocking to discover the effects of negative thoughts and emotions on your body as well.

There are numerous physical manifestations of your mental pain when you deal with a stressful situation or one where you become sad or disappointed.

Those physical ailments that can be traced back to negative thoughts and emotions are: back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, dry mouth, sweating, stiff neck, sexual performance issues, weight gain or loss, loss of appetite, constipation, digestive issues and chest pain.

Heart palpitations, trouble sleeping and feeling lightheaded can also be the result of a situation that changed your overall feelings and thoughts from positive to negative for more than a brief moment.

There are some that believe certain areas of the body are directly related to specific feelings, like neck pain can be traced to your stubbornness on a certain issue, elbow pain comes from resisting new experiences and hip pain means you are afraid of moving forward in a new direction. Regardless of whether the pains can be traced directly to a situation or merely connect to negative thoughts in general, there are times when the doctor should be consulted.

When You Should See the Doctor About These Ailments

Keep track of the aches, pains and issues you feel while you are depressed or frustrated. See if they continue on a regular basis or are a rare appearance during the most stressful times of the situation. While headaches and dry mouth, weight loss and digestive issues can typically be handled with some rest and over-the-counter medications, the more serious conditions like high blood pressure and chest pain should be discussed with your doctor if they occur more than once in a very short period. They could be the precursor to a serious condition like a stroke or other life-threatening ailment.

How Do I Deal with Negative Thoughts?

On your own, there are some ways to start dealing with those negative thoughts in order to improve your physical health. The first is to admit you are feeling the negative emotions and having the negative thoughts and discuss them with someone who will be willing to listen and help you find a more positive direction to go with your thoughts.

Next, look into relaxation methods, like meditation, yoga or even regular exercise in order to help you deal with those negative feelings that re-occur. Having a go-to method for relaxing when the day becomes stressful helps you put the issues into perspective and get past the stressors more easily.

Finally, take proper care of yourself. Stick to your routine that is filled with good hygiene habits. This helps you maintain confidence by feeling clean and energized. Eat healthy and avoid substances that do not benefit your body, like drugs and alcohol.

Negative thoughts and emotions can have a surprising impact on your physical health. Since they reach further than simply leading to depression or frustration, it is important to deal with these thoughts and feelings in a positive manner to keep your overall health at its optimal level.