She Soaked Her Foot In Liquid For Mouthwash – Here Is Why!

Dipping your feet into liquid for mouthwash for half an hour a day will eliminate your fungal infections because it contains important anti- fungal ingredients such as alcohol, vinegar or lemon juice.

If you have fungal infection on the feet or hands, dip them in this kind of liquid daily for 14 days. If you have “athlete’s foot” additionally add garlic as a coating between the toes and leave it on for 24 hours.

If you suffer from pain, which is caused by the “knuckle”- the curvature of the joints in the thumb, use magnesium sulfate. This salt greatly reduces inflammation and pain.

To get rid of calluses on the foot, take onions. You need to cut round slice of the onion, soak it in vinegar and apply it as a coating on the skin. Fix it with sock and repeat the procedure until the callus starts softening and can be easily removed.

In case of corn, apply little amount of Vaseline and cover the area with gauze. Also, the chili peppers can be helpful because they are rich in capsaicin which, can reduce swelling, relieve pain and calm the nerves.


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