She Removed Her Brown Spots with THIS Common Ingredient. Amazing!

The usual assumption is that liver spots or age spots are common with people over 50 years of age and that age is the only factor.

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It is erroneous to think that!

Age spots which are flat, brown, black or tan coloured spots can also be seen on people that have been exposed for a considerable length of time to the ultraviolet ray of the sun and that includes young people as well.

The Cause Of Age Spots

  • It is caused by years of exposure to sunlight.
  • If you use an artificial tanning bed you could also increase your risk of developing liver spots.
  • That pigment on the upper layer of your skin responsible for giving your skin it’s natural colour is known as melanin.
  • The production of melanin is increased when the rays of the sun comes in contact with your skin, this creates a tan on your skin in order to protect the lower layers of skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Liver spots are quite common on the neck, the arms and face, which are areas that are more prone to UV light exposure.

Who Is Prone To And How Can You Prevent Age Spots?

  • People that are light skinned are more prone to age spots.
  • People with an extended history of sunburns and exposure to sunlight.
  • Those with a skin condition like albinism.
  • You can avoid prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for starters.

Age spots that occur naturally are quite harmless, however you should see your doctor if you notice any of these changes in your age spots;

  • Where it is increasing in size for example it has an irregular border or an unusual combination of colors.
  • Where it is darkly pigmented.
  • It is accompanied by redness, tenderness, itching or bleeding.

DIY Homemade Recipe For Age Spots

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The conventional methods for treating age spots include the following;

  • laser therapy
  • bleaching creams
  • freezing
  • dermabrasion or otherwise known as chemical peeling

However, you can lighten your age spots with a more natural remedy today.

The author of the book Quantum Paleo -- Dr. Doug Willen recommends the use of two basic ingredients;

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • Onion juice

Onion juice is rich in free radicals fighting antioxidants.

While ACV is rich in alpha hydroxy acids which is a great exfoliant and will remove dead skin to unearth a more healthy skin.


  • Dice a fresh onion.
  • Use a mortar and pestle to mash the onion.
  • Then put the mashed onion into a blender.
  • Then add your ACV to the onion in the blender, then blend.
  • Topically apply the mixture to your age spots using a cotton ball.

You can apply the mixture to your age spots at night before bedtime and do this at least thrice in a week and for two weeks.

The colour of your age spots will gradually fade to your natural skin tone leaving you looking young and fresh once more.


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