She Puts Clip On Her Ear On A Daily Basis: See Why Because You Will Want To Do The Same!

It is a reflexology. It is an area of medicine in which by pressing certain areas of the body you will get rid of certain pains. Applying the method on the ear is particularly suitable since here are located many nerve endings. With the help of the clip, which is applying pressure onto a particular nerve, you can get rid of discomfort or pain.

Through these 6 points the ear is connected to all body parts.

1. Shoulders and back

The upper part of the ear is connected to the back and shoulder. Hold a clip and during 60 seconds thus get rid of tension and reduce pain.

The procedure should be repeated several times a day if you want to achieve optimal results.

2. Organs

This point is connected to all organs in the body. You can help yourself even with light massage using your fingers. However, if you really have inner pain and cannot do anything about it, you should seek medical help.

3. Joints

The upper middle part of the ear is connected to the wrists. The clip is the salvation, especially for painful hands and feet. But if you are facing chronic pain, however, see the doctor.

4. Sinuses and throat

The lower part of the ear is connected to the paranasal sinuses and throat. When it is cold or you are dealing with sinus infection, the clip can make a miracle.

5. Digestion

Above the ear fringes the point that is associated with digestion is located. You can reduce or completely eliminate stomach pain or cramps by applying pressure to this point.

6. Head and heart

The ear is connected with the two most important parts of the body -- the heart and head. By applying pressure or a clip you can reduce problems linked to either the heart or headache.