Several Types Of Infections That Can Appear On The Skin Under The Chest!

This nasty skin condition can appear without any warnings. Find out what are we talking about and how to get rid of it.

1. Itching and fungal infections

Why you have it: The occurrence of itching under the chest is quite common, particularly when the weather is hot and humid. Humidity in this area of the skin damages the skin, and thus appear fungal infections. Fungi that are “trapped” under the breasts lead to itching.

How to get rid of it: Apply baby powder to the affected skin area, thus you will remove the moist and you will also reduce the inflammation and keep your skin dry. It is also necessary to go to your dermatologist in order to get a prescription of a special cream for removal of irritation.

2. Growths similar to warts

Why do you have them: This is a very common type of skin irritation, seborrhoeic keratosis. These are benign growths that resemble warts, which sometimes tend to be itchy and irritated.

How to get rid of them: These growths are not dangerous, so a stronger treatment is not mandatory. But if they bother you because the skin rubs onto them and you have a strange feeling, you can get rid of them with laser or surgical intervention.

3. Warts

Why do you have them? Skin to skin or bra to skin contact is the commonest reason why warts often appear in this area.

How to get rid of them: You can get rid of warts only through surgical intervention.