Seven Worst Habits After Eating

Seven Worst Habits After Eating

If you are one of those people who pay attention to their diet and want to maintain their own health and line, then you should see this next list of seven things that was made from the experts. The list will tell you what is not allowed to consume immediately after a meal.


One of the worst things you can do is to smoke right after you eat. The effect of that one cigarette is equal to smoking ten.


Fruits usually are immediately processed in the body, but only if you eat them separately. That is why they are recommended as a snack. If you eat fruit immediately after a meal, it will be kept in your body due to previous consumed food and it would omit stomach poisons that affect the creation of cellulite. Therefore it is recommended that fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

Drinking Tea

Theine, which is part of the tea, binds to iron in the body and makes it difficult to digest, which can be particularly bad for anemic people. Therefore it is best to drink tea at least one hour after eating.


The water stimulates circulation in the body, but after meal, blood goes to the stomach where digestion of food takes place, not in places such as the hands and feet where such abrupt changes in temperature should be taking.

Relaxing belt

This is a habit that people often make when they eat, but it can lead to entanglement of hoses and a halt of the sealing. Another reason why you should not do this is because you feel the need to eat something again.

Seven Worst Habits After Eating


Many people think that after a meal one should exercise in order to spend calories. The truth is that you should avoid heavy physical exertion. This is because heavy physical activity harms the digestive system, but you can go for a walk.


After eating, even though you get a slumber, going to bed is highly forbidden because when you are in the supine position, the digestive system cannot function normally. It can lead to stomach problems.


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