See How Emotions Can Effect On The Health Of Your Eyes, Ears, Hair, Heart, Coat Of Arms, And Weight


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Supposed theory about the self-become illness that we create to ourselves from time to time cannot be classified anymore in the extreme alternative that doctors from the West are learning.

How you think, how much are you afraid of something, in what you believe and how much you accept things and fight against them, all of this locates records in the body. This kind of pain or illness and disturbance can help you to understand more your body and its thoughts or affiliation. Certainly every human is different individual but for many applies the following:

Headache – The headache appears usually when we are punishing ourselves. Migraine have the ones who wants to be perfect and they live under self- created pressure. Also, there is a lot of repressed anger.

Sinuses – If you have a problem with your sinuses it means that you are irritated by close person of yours.

Eyes – Problems with eyes are happening when you avoid facing with something from your past or future. The wish for “not seeing” the problem causes problems with the entire vision.

Hearing – The problems are starting when there are some things that you do not want to hear. Also the pain can be caused by something you already heard and you don’t feel good about it.

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Hair – When you are nervous, you usually start making “steel chains” which start in the muscular shoulders and are spreading all the way towards the peak of the head and sometimes even in the area around the eyes. Hair growths are starting to appear when there is a tension present that lasts for a while and the hair falls because is not able to breathe and it dies. Baldness follows next.

Head – When something is wrong with your head that means that something is not wrong with you. You show your head to the world and you are not recognized by it.

Neck and throat – Your neck presents your ability of thinking and providing the others point of view. If you are faced with neck problems that means that you were stubborn in some situation and had the right opinion for it. The throat represent the desire of speaking what you want and think. When you have throat pain, it mostly means that you think that you are not entitled to such a position. Laryngitis means that you have big anger inside you which stops you from speaking. Your throat is your flow down for the body. If your flow is congested you will start having troubles with the throat. Also signs of change can indicate the pain inside.   

Hands – Hands present ability of including in every direction of life. The upper part is connected to the abilities and the under tow skills. The old emotions are kept in the joints and the elbows are representing the life change directions.

Back – If you have problems with back it means that you do not feel supported by your environment. The upper part of your back is connected with the emotional support that comes from man, woman or boss, the middle part is connected with the feeling of culpability, pain and fear of realizing what is circling around you. Fear of poorness and living in poor situated matrimony.

Builds – if you have problems with your building it usually means that you are out of line with patronizing attitude towards some person.

Heart – Heart represents love and blood represents joy. Heart pumps the joy down the body. When love and joy is cut from your life your heart becomes “cold”. The results is formed in slow blood flow and this is opening the way for anemia or infraction. Humans who experienced heart attack do not feel joy towards life.

Stomach – It accepts only new ideas and experiences. If you have big pain it means that you are faced with something that you cannot digest.

Legs – Problems with legs appear when the fear of omission is present. When you are in will to do something these kind of problems are appearing.

Skin – It can be presented individually to each person. Sometimes the problems with skin are result from some kind of threat or governess towards you.

Wight – It presents the need for protection. People with overweight seek protection so they could not be injured, despised, criticized and deceived. They fear from life.

Pain – Any type of pain speaks the feel of guilt. The guilt must be punished and the punishment is always painful. 

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