Sea Snails’ Poison As A Remedy For Cancer?

This sea predator has one of the strongest venoms in the world. It uses the venom in order to paralise its prey.

According to a study, published in Analima, American Academy of Sciences, it was said that thanks to a new method of analysis, based on biochemistry and bioinformatics, researchers from the University of Queensland have managed to identify six new proteins that contain surprising facts, which are already used in the manufacture of drugs.

Professor Paul Alwood claims that the structure can lead to manufacture of new drugs to alleviate the pain and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Year ago, the annual conference of the American Society of Chemists (ASC), Australian scientists delivered a study from another sea snail, called Conidae, that lives in the Pacific Ocean and has a protein whose analgesic effect is 100 times stronger than morphine.

There are at least 700 known types of sea snails in the worlds.