Scientist Discovers a Cure for Cancer Over 60 Years Ago (They’ve Been Keeping It Secret All This Time!)

The core protocol of the Johanna Budwig Diet has been disapproved by a lot of natural health experts. They claimed that it is not only unreal, but unsuitable for reversing cancer.

But this protocol has many various dietary requirements, and other conditions like managing stress and getting sunshine. It focuses on healing the entire body.

Even Dr. Andrew Weil came down strongly upon the Budwig Diet. He condemned it as “wishful thinking” that this diet tried to cure cancer using cottage cheese.


Despite all this criticism, this diet developed by Johanna Budwig has resolved 90 percent of cancers in Germany among 4,500 patients suffering from various forms of cancers. It is nothing less than a miracle that many of these patients who were cured using this protocol had reached terminal stage.

The Budwig Diet’s core protocol has 2 key ingredients:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Flaxseed oil

In fact, her original diet comprised of quark and flaxseed oil. Quark is a widely used (in German-speaking countries) powdery textured white cheese that looks like ricotta. It is also used in Scandinavian nations and many Eastern European countries.

But quark is not available in the U.S., so cottage cheese took its place.

But there were some other dietary conditions too. Johanna Budwig’s concept of healing the whole persons also included getting lots of sunlight and managing stress.

Scientific Interpretation of Treating Cancer Using Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese (Quark)

Johanna Budwig was a physicist and biochemist who worked as a senior scientist at the German Federal Health Office in the 1950s. The organization can be compared to the US FDA. However, it is not as bureaucratically corrupted. Her job was to determine the right cancer medication from German pharmaceutical firms.

During her work, she came across a data from a pharmaceutical company for one of the sulfhydryl group. These are proteins or amino acids containing sulfur, which could be applied as effective cancer medication. She got a better understanding of the problems associated with oxygenating cancer cells using dietary sources, because cancer cells couldn’t survive in oxygen.

Dr. Otto Warburg won the 1931 Nobel Prize for work based on this concept. He made the discovery that cancer cells survive in anaerobic environment but can’t do so in an environment rich in oxygen. Dr. Warburg worked to find respiratory enzymes that could be beneficial in oxygenating cancer cells.

He also realized of a certain relation between fats and the increase or inhibition of cellular oxygen absorption. Unfortunately, fats had not yet been classified according to biochemical structures and functions.

But Johanna Budwig, many years after Dr. Warburg’s discovery, found a method for classifying various properties of fatty acids.

Her discovery helped her in raising funds for continuing her research to study the various properties of fatty acids. Johanna Budwig studied the molecular properties of different fats and then classified them into unsaturated and saturated, lauric and linoleic acid, and also came to the conclusion if they increased or inhibited cellular oxygen absorption.

The fact is that most of our current knowledge of fatty acids came from Dr. Budwig’s work.

She released a paper in 1952 in which the results of her work were explained.

According to her work, respiratory enzymes cannot work without fatty acids and the person will suffocate, even if oxygen rich air is provided. If there is deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids, several vital functions can get impaired. For a start, it will reduce the supply of available oxygen. She said that just like we cannot live without food and air, similarly we cannot live without fatty acids.

Dr. Johanna Budwig also found that cold pressed organic flaxseed oil contained the best kind of fat for combining with the kind of protein-sulfur found in quark/cottage cheese (easy to consume protein). This combination was required for the elusive respiratory enzyme which is capable of penetrating cancer cells. The two different foods could be mixed for creating oxygen inside cancer cells to restore normalcy.

The Budwig Diet was eventually created after extensive research by her. It became a reality only when she discovered how to find the properties of fatty acids. So the anti-cancer combination of cold pressed flax oil and quark (cottage cheese) is not just a mere culinary quirk.

Author: Paul Fassa


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