Sciatica – How You Can Ease The Pain

As soon as back pain occurs, some people immediately go to the doctor. It is good practice, but many people are not aware that this problem can be overcome without the help of modern medicine.

In this today’s article we will present several natural ways through which you can help yourself and ease the pain of sciatica, of course on your own.

A proper rest

When you feel pain from sciatica, the first thing you should do is take a long and good rest. The arms should be resting for at least 48 hours in order to prevent further strain. When sleeping, the best position is sleeping on the hip, with the knees bent and a pillow between them or sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. After a few days, go back to your daily routine, but work less in order to avoid the recurrence of pain.

Stretching on a regular basis

Daily stretching strengthens the back and ensures its overall health. Proper stretching will keep muscles strong and solid.

Cold-hot therapy

Hot and cold therapy will offer you positive effects when it comes to relieving swelling and pain in the back. Warm therapy works by applying heat to the affected area, which stimulates circulation and soothes muscle spasms. Applying ice on the lower back, on the other hand, where there is swelling and pain will reduce inflammation.


With daily massage you will be able to reduce pain in the lower part of the back and get rid of stress. You can also go to back massage with essential oil in order to remove the pain.

Ginger tea

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve both swelling and pain. In order to get rid of the pain in a natural way, you need to consume three cups of ginger tea, within 3 days.

Drink lots of water

Proper hydration of the organism is extremely beneficial to overall health.