Say Goodbye To Spring Fatigue With This Juice From 3 Ingredients!


Lack of physical exercise and reduced intake of vitamins during the winter period are some of the causes of spring fatigue who often brings sleepiness and lack of energy.

If you are facing a spring fatigue, the real solution for your problem is juice from orange and linseed oil. This juice from quickly will regain your energy.

Orange is rich in vitamin C, calcium and folic acid. The oil on the other hand can slow down the intake of fruit sugars from the orange into the bloodstream and on this way it will provide energy for period of several hours.

But this is not the only benefit of this healthy foods. It will also help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Also, the regular use of flaxseed oil will reduce high blood pressure. This oil is recommended for dietary supplement but without any heat treatment because the high temperature while cooking will destroy the healthy fats in the oil. Strictly add it only in meals and salads.

In addition we present a recipe for preparation of juice that will help you to say goodbye from the spring fatigue.


  • 1 tablespoon of flax oil
  • 3 oranges without peel
  • 1 dcl cold water


Put all the ingredients into a blender and stir it well.


Drink this juice every day and be energized.