Say Goodbye To Fungal Infections: Soak Your Feet In…

Your feet are going to sweat in the summer, which will increase the chances of fungal infections around your toes. You may think that it will be best to walk barefoot whenever possible to prevent this. It is also important to be careful about your feet’s hygiene and not wear nylon socks and shoes having synthetic insoles.

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But if you see that you have fungal infections, you can use highly effective natural treatments. All that is required is to treat your feet by soaking them in the following:

1. Yogurt Soak & Application

Yogurt is one of the best cures for foot infections developing in the area within your toes and nails. This is because yogurt has acidophilus, a live bacteria. It has ‘friendly’ microorganisms that help in destroying fungal infections. You can use it not only for soaking your feet, you could also rub it on your feet and allow it to dry. You can then wash and remove it using cold water.

2. Apply Sodium Bicarbonate

If you need to put on closed shoes, you could kill the potential bacteria in your shoes by using this refreshing mix of sodium bicarbonate and cold water in 3 to 1 ratio. Make sure to apply it often and then let it air dry.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

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Mix hydrogen peroxide in water and soak your feet in the solution. It can help in killing the horrible fungal infections while also preventing their spread. The compound is considered the perfect tool to destroy fungi and bacteria. just add 100 mm of 3% pharmaceutical-grade hydrogen peroxide into a liter of distilled water. Keep your feet soaked in the mixture for 20 minutes in the morning.

4. Corn Starch

Starch works as the perfect ingredient for making various types of pastes for preventing unpleasant fungi and bacteria. The main reason for this benefit is that it has great properties in the absorption of moisture. Add 1/2 tsp of corn starch into a little bit warm water and heat in the oven up to 220°F. Leave it in the oven until it gets dark. Then wash off and dry and rub the mixture on your feet. Allow it to stay for 60 seconds before washing it off using warm water.


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