Salvation In A Glass: Beverage Against Kidney Stones

Many have kidney problems or kidney stone problems. A certain research showed that one in ten people, at some point in their lives, will get kidney stones. In order to prevent this unpleasant and painful occurrence try making and consuming the tasty and healthy beverage we are about to present in this article.

Foods that causes kidney stones

Oxalates combined with calcium and iron form crystals that are ejected from our body through urine. Unfortunately, these crystals may remain in the kidney and form larger solid stones that block kidney channels.

Foods rich in oxalates are almonds, peanuts, black tea, hazelnuts, soy milk, beet and chocolate. Those who have problems with kidney stones should avoid foods high in salt, and also foods that contain calcium, potassium and protein.

Daily sodium intake should not be higher than 2000 milligrams.

Recipe for beverage against kidney stones

Ingredients needed:

-- 1 orange

-- 1 apple

-- 1 lemon

-- 4 slices of watermelon

-- 4 ice cubes

Method of preparation:

Peel the orange and lemon and remove the seeds and bark from the watermelon and apple. Cut the fruit into pieces, put it in a blender, add ice cubes and mix everything well. Make sure you always drink this beverage while fresh.

Consume this beverage twice a day before meals. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Citrus break down calcium and watermelon is an excellent diuretic that cleanses the kidneys.