Salty Toothpaste According To A Tibetan Recipe

Tibetan monks have healthy and white teeth to old age. In fact, the ancient Tibetan monks, even though they have never heard of dentist, have achieved having healthy and white teeth.

Here is their secret

Put one tablespoon of coarse salt in half a glass of water, previously boiled and cooled. Using a spoon, stir vigorously for about a minute, and then remove the foam that has formed.

Grasp a few crystals with your toothbrush and wash your teeth with this mixture, in the usual way, after each meal. Rinse your teeth using the salt water from the cup. This way your teeth will become very white. You will also be able to strengthen your gums and get a beautiful, healthy, pink color.

It is possible to feel some discomfort at the beginning due to teeth’s sensitivity to cold, hot and sour-sweet. This sensitivity occurs because your enamel slightly thins.

Such feeling can be gained by expensive toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But you will need to refrain because the salty paste will not only kill pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, but it will also strengthen the enamel of the teeth very soon, or cement the cracks and bumps on your teeth.