Sage And Honey For Treating Aphthae

Sage And Honey For Treating Canker Sores

Sage And Honey For Treating Canker Sores

The wounds of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity (Canker Sores) are very common and unpleasant. This problem the most occurs on the inside of the lips and cheeks, and the area of ​​the lower and upper jaw. Although very small, canker sores are very painful. People who have them are not able to eat. Canker sores occur for various reasons, but mostly, they are resulting from drastic decline in immunity.

There are different preparations on how to treat canker sores. Propolis is only one of them. This is a good choice to treat canker sores because propolis relieves pain and helps in healing of the mucous membrane. Moreover, it is very good for oral cavity in general.

Sage and Honey Preparation:

Put three tablespoons of sage in 1dl of hot water. Let this mixture stand still for at least 15 minutes. Then strain it and add a small amount of honey (teaspoon) to dissolve in water. The liquid can be used when it is cooled down. This medicine can also be swallowed.


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