Rub Your Thumb For 60 Seconds And See What Happens With Your Body


  1. Rub your thumb and pull it up – the thumb of the hand is associated with the heart and the lungs. While you are experiencing rapid heartbeat and breathless, rub your thumb and pull it up.
  2. Rub your index finger for constipation – Rub your index finger for 60 seconds if you have problems with your digestive system. Some points on this finger can affect also on the spleen function. Also the index finger is associated with the colon, so with its stimulation problems connected with constipation and diarrhea can be solved.
  3. Rub your middle finger for problems with insomnia and nausea – If you have any kind of sickness while traveling you can start massaging your middle finger and also this trick can help if you suffer from insomnia.
  4. Against migraines and neck pain – If you get migraines start rubbing the ring and the little finger. Pain can happen by poor circulation and stimulating these finger you will relieve it.
  5. Palms are associated with many nerves – Practice scuffing hands from one another, on that way you protect their health and immunity.


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