Remember The Boy Who Nearly Died of Hunger? See How He Looks Today! (Photos)

Anja Ringgren Loven is a name synonymous with goodwill, compassion and HOPE.

The Danish social worker helped an infant from Nigeria who had been abandoned by his parents because according to them he was a “witch”.

The boy who was without a name or identity and badly malnourished was given a name by Anja, a name she believed would symbolise everything she would expect people worldwide to give to their fellow human beings -- HOPE!


She once admitted recently that she never knew Hope would survive the first time she carried him and held him in her arms.

He was struggling to live and his miraculous survival is a testament to his name.

Anja recently posted a picture of Hope now 2 years old on her Facebook page, the images of a healthy, bright looking and well-nourished boy was an astronomical contrast to how he looked only two years ago.

The images posted by Anja led to a tidal wave of support and goodwill from people around the world.


The amazing story of this survivor who had wandered for eight months before fate would lead Anja to his rescue is one of love, empathy and the determination of the human spirit.

Anja said that she hopes that Hope’s story would make people more sensitive to the needs of others and help at least a person a day and give them hope for the future.



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