Recipe of Planetary Famous Sauce – Bolognese

Make perfect spaghetti with Bolognese sauce as true Italian masters. This recipe is a favorite around the world and is one of the most recognizable in Italian cuisine. Prepare it and enjoy its culinary delights.

Recipe of Planetary Famous Sauce - Bolognese


• Spaghetti
• 400 gr. of veal
• 200 gr. of finely cut onions
• 100 gr. of parmesan
• 50 oz. red wine
• tomato sauce
• powdered pepper
• a bunch of parsley


Put the finely sliced ​​onions in oil on low fire. When the onion is fried add the minced meat, salt, powdered pepper, tomato sauce, parsley and red wine. Boil the whole mixture until you get a liquid mixture. Now you have a delicious meal, bon appetit!





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